droidconSG 2019 Mini Hackathon

droidcon SG 2019 Mini Hackathon
We are very excited to announce the droidcon SG 2019 mini hackathon.

To participate in the mini hackathon, you need to have a conference ticket and be present on Day 2 to accept the prize if you win!


Our judges will select the top 3 hacks to win prizes sponsored by Razor such as the Razor Android Phone for the top hack!


1. You will need to be a conference ticket holder to participate.

2. Your submitted hacks should contain at least 20% – 50% based on your work and developed over the period of 13th – 18th July.

3. You can use open source projects or code as part of your hack!

4. You get bonus points for hacking on your project that is related to topics presented at droidcon SG, for example, CameraX 🙂

5. You will have to post your projects on Github and mention @droidconSG to submit your project to participate.

Check out this sample project!

6. Share a video of your project on Twitter and @ mention @droidconSG on Twitter!

7. Teams
You can participate as a team of up to 4 people.

8. droidcon SG reserve the rights to change the rules of the mini hackathon at any time

9. What can I hack on?
• Add an awesome feature for droidcon app
• Create an awesome UI interface
• Create an awesome Android library
• Fix an open issue for an open source project
• Create an awesome Android app!
• Create a CameraX based Instagram filter
and many other ideas!


That’all! Happy hacking and we are excited to see what comes out of this!